Friday, February 27, 2009

Cortar una Last and Finally a Little Rain!

Just brought Stripes back from the vet. He had gone in a month ago to be neutered, but both balls hadn't dropped and they couldn't get the second one. So today he went in for the second one and now he is ball free! The Cabo Rojo vet didn't charge for the first ball. They have been very good to us. They help us out with worming medication and offer some things at prices less than the internet.

On another note, I am glad I finished sealing the roof - yesterday we got 1/3 inch of rain and today it is raining again. This is needed rain for the yard since we haven't had any rain for months and the hose won't reach most trees! The oranges have all been harvested now and I can see blossoms starting. After this little bit of rain they should really pop into action! The avocado blossoms on some trees are also starting. Hopefully the little parchas will start growing and we will have some fruit other than corazons and guineos and papayas - am I complaining? Oops. We are really lucky to have a succession of fruit with only small gaps between fruit. It'll be interesting to see how much new growth stuff gets with this little amount of rain. This is going to be a bumper mango year for the fiber less ones. Lots of little ones on the tree.

It'll probably wipe out the tomatoes (mildew) but I did a major harvest yesterday. The green beans are tough, but maybe they'll be better with the rain. I'll be a good time to plant some replacement papayas, some cantaloupe and other veggies. I'm trying swiss chard and can now put out the little starts! It's tricky to figure out what to plant when - too dry and the fruit cracks and too wet and things mildew and turn out weird. We will see....

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