Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chain Link Fence

First Jeff weed whacked so we could see what the ground was doing. Pretty uneven. Pretty steep. Pretty much a pain in the ass. We shot a line following the old fence line (barbed wire with part chain link) and tried to stick with it as best we could. The fence kicks out a little in one spot, and we made a diagonal on a problem area into our property and left the old chain link doing the straight line as a double dog prevention obstacle!

Jeff pounded and pounded with the post hole digger to make holes for the posts and then had to haul cement down the slope after mixing it on the sloping driveway. Oh, we also don't have water down there or electricity and need lots of extension cords to cut the posts to height. So the posts are in!

The rolls of 50 foot chain link have to be attached and then hung on the top rail and then stretched with the come-along. Then the posts trimmed, the chain link reattached in its new taut position and the tighteners put in. Lots of finger work.

Wuu hoo! The first stretch is in!

Here's a view through the vetiver grass which is holding the slope in place pretty well so far. I'm going to take the old chain link and drape it over the debris/slope between the vetiver and chain link to help stabilize it.

Looks good, huh! Mostly it will keep the nasty Boxer from next door out. Behind this the land sinks down around a large palm and a couple other trees. I put old chain link half on the ground and half up the tree trunks so there is a double barrier. Next stop? short chain link up the driveway side. We are trying to encourage the kitties to stay in and trying to keep wandering dogs out. We haven't had problems in a long time, but still don't know if poison or dogs killed our two cats. So we are doing what we can.  The short chain link will also be a prime parcha growing structure. This next stretch of fence will be much much easier. The posts are there (in cement as well) and we will leave the barbed wire there. The only thing that needs doing is that Jeff will move Amparo's water line over to her side of the fence (currently runs up half way on our side). This way we can't hit it with the mower or trimmer (again). Amparo loves parcha so we will plant loads of it and be in parcha heaven! We are going to put a little gate in too so when we chat we don't have to crawl under/through barbed wire anymore! I betcha the cats will walk around the fence to Amparo's and then wait for us to open the gate for them! Chain link is the best kind of fence to put in - it really blocks animals from coming in or out and is sturdy and holds up well. Barbed wire is really nasty stuff but is cheap. We can't chain link our whole property, so some barbed wire will remain to keep horses out. Chain link itself doesn't cost that much - it is the fasteners, caps, posts, stiffeners etc. For some areas if you can tack up chain link on wooden posts it is a great solution to keep worrisome plant eaters or cat killers out! What a project!

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