Friday, February 13, 2009

Big Day for Mars and Blanco and House Insurance

Sorry, no cute kitty pictures this time. This morning I brought Mars (orange stick figure cat who was in the log) and Blanco (beautiful white one that was stuck in the log) to the vet for their big day!

Turns out Mars was pregnant. I had brought her in a month or so ago to get spayed, but she had a respiratory problem and needed antibiotics. I gave her those for 10 days. So now she is spayed and won't have visitors coming around pestering her!

Blanco is a little swollen but that is expected when you cortar dos pelotas!

Both kitties are inside (wanting to get out) at least for tonight but are eating and drinking.

CAICO. This is a good place to deal with. We have our car insurance for the old beater truck and the new Toyota with CAICO because 1) they could tell us about and print out in english policies 2) they are knowledgeable and pleasant 3) they have good rates. Our previous insurance was for the building only (earthquake, hurricane, structure) and now we have liability, a little for contents and the same for structure for around 70 dollars more. I have the policy in English! It will insure our caving and diving gear when it is in the car as well. So all in all it is a successful day. Now I just have to cancel the other insurance and deal with meowing kitties until I can't stand it and release them into the big world so they can sneak back in and snooze on the couch tonight! Oh the games we play.

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