Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Resealing the Roof and Other Upcoming Projects for the Dry Time

When we went up on the roof it didn't look that bad, but we've owned the house for a couple years and haven't sealed it since we've owned it. We haven't had any leaks but don't want any. Now is the dry time so this is the week.

This area is the worst. It is the area above the porch and there is a little standing water and some black stuff.

Here it is after cleaning the area - much better!

You can see the area that has been cleaned - much better! It didn't look that bad before but when I was blasting away it was windy and water was swirling around me, the False Man's Orchid was popping its seed pods all around me and it was dirty, grimy and like combat. The pressure washer was difficult to start but boy does it clean things! I think it is a "must have" machine. We borrowed it from our neighbor's Awilda and Edwin (thanks). I cleaned the roof in about 3-4 hours on Monday.

Tuesday I was able to paint about 2/3rds of the roof and today I finished the other 1/3rd and did a second coat on the first 2/3rds. That means tomorrow is the finish up day. So it took about 4 hours to pressure wash, and will end up being 2 and 1/2 days of painting. So now that the roof looks and functions great the house paint looks faded. The next big project is to scrape peeling trim, sand it, and repaint in a little darker green. I'll pressure wash the rejas in the front porch area and paint it green. Currently all the rejas is creme colored. The walls are going to be green (a little darker than they are now) and orange - happy tropical colors for our little jungle house. I'll spray paint the Miami Ventanas (storm shutters) and then spend hours brush painting the rejas. The rolling part should be easy. Do I have enough time while things are dry?

From the roof this is the water reserve that needs cleaning. I need to drain it, clean it, and refill it. Then I will paint it to match the house so it blends in with the green hillside.

After the house is painted the walkway around the house will look pretty bad so I'll fill the cracks and repaint.

There are probably other projects that need doing in this dry time, but for now I'll stick to the big things. It's a good thing I don't have to go to work - none of this would get done! I do take time to gaze off into the jungle and enjoy rainbows and other happenings that go on near our jungle house here in paradise!


Anonymous said...


Wow, great job on the roof! I give you a lot of credit for tackling that one on your own! Yes, I'm afraid you'll keep finding more projects as you finish some. My excuse here for projects outside is that it is still cold, I'm afraid that pretty soon I'll have no more excuses. Thanks for the rainbow picture, that is one thing I truly miss here in mainland!


Vicious Summer said...

Want to paint our house next? It's due but we've been putting it off. Haha

Anonymous said...

Rosa - I have heard that it is $40 a day to rent one. We have found that the local ferreterias have much better prices than Home Depot. Also National Ferreteria has better prices and just as much stuff. We get all our supplies from Miguel Ferreteria in Sabana Grande. They deliver everything for free as well. National is a good place as well. Both spots can fudge on prices a little when you are doing a large project like cement walls, roofs, fences etc. Where do you live? katrina

Minerva said...

Aah, thanks for reminding me why I should never get myself suckered into buying a house! ;-)

Rosa said...

Nice to know that you can rent some equipment at specific places. I have a house in Rincon, Pineapple Hill. I will check out some of the ferreterias around Rincon.