Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stars, Chickens and Cat Naps

This year we got 3 carambolas from our little trees. They are really pretty, taste alright and are the stars of the fruit salad!

It is also chick time again. First you see one chicken with 11 babies, then later in the day it only has 9, then later 6. Then you see all of them together and realize that when all the duplicates and stunt doubles are there they are indeed different chickens! Why the cats don't chase and eat them I will never understand...

Here's a combo of real and fake chickens. It cracks me up to see the real ones hang out with their cement friends!

The kittens are becoming cats now, but still act like kittens rolling balls around in the night, swinging on towels hung up to dry....but in the afternoon they just pile together and snooze. One-ball Strippidy needs the other ball cut, Blanco hasn't been neutered yet and needs to be taken in and Puff 1 has been spayed. Unfortunately Puff 2 was neutered and we found him dead a month ago. That's why I haven't taken any one in lately.

Puff 1, Strippedy, Blanco and Pollo Pequeno (who is built like a tank and already spayed) lounging just outside the screen they pulled slightly open so they can sleep inside, escape others and play numerous "door" games. Stripes will sleep half in and out to control the opening and make the others walk on him to get in. That ball needs cutting! When I took him in earlier they could only find one, he was a little young, but the ball has dropped.
Here's little Mars snoozing. I really worried about her. She had a lung infection and was on medication (a real treat trying to get in down her throat for 10 days) but it has cleared up and she needs to be spayed. She is a sweety.
And Dakota - the biggest, fattest of them all. Now that Junior (the dominant male of the group) disappeared (we know he is dead) the little ones sometimes try to follow Dakota around and rub on him but it freaks him out! He hisses, and runs and they just hang as close as they can to him. Somehow they think of him as protection I think! Comical!
How they can pig pile when it is hot I will never understand. I don't really understand how 10 cats can all sleep together and play together and get along either but they do. There are the occasional misunderstandings, but for the most part they enjoy each other and don't like intruders to the group - except new little Mini. Mini is a duplicate of Stripes, who was the duplicate for Junior. The replacements and doubles just keep coming.


Anonymous said...

Could we have a complete inventory of cats, please? I'm starting to get confused. Chicken is the only one that I can consistently keep straight.

Anonymous said...

Cat Inventory:
1) Chicken Little - traveled around with real chickens until we adopted and neutered him
2) Bepo - thought she was the previous owners cat (isn't) and is mother to Princess, Junior (missing/dead), Puff 2 (dead), Mars, Strippedy, Blanco (she is spayed now)
3)Pollo Pequeno - another orange cat that looked like a "little" Chicken Little (spayed)
4)Princess - Bepo's daughter (spayed)
5)Puff 1 - is Bepo's sisters baby we think (spayed)
6) Feo - the ugly sister of Bepo that shows up to drop off kittens
7)Mars - daughter of Bepo (tiniest kitten)
8)Strippedy or "Stripes" - son of Bepo (currently has one ball - I took him in early before the other one appeared)
9)Blanco - white with dustings of orange puffy cat that was stuck in the log (Bepo's son)
10)Mini - Mini has made herself at home with us after her mom Feo dropped her off
11)Dakota - our fat Washington State cat (neutered)

What makes thing confusing is that they all have duplicates! 4 orange ones, 2 striped ones, two mottled peachy/stripe ones. We don't really want all these cats, but they show up to eat avocadoes in the yard and many are very tiny and starving. Catch, spay/neuter/feed is our plan. I don't know if this helps or not...confusing to have a handful of monsters! katrina

Mike said...

Thanks, Katrina. This will serve as a handy reference for your future postings. Love your blog, BTW. I check it at least once a week. -Mike in Redmond