Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Beautiful Things!

Finally a nice harvest of color! Aji Dulce peppers, tomatoes, green beans and some hot little green peppers that I forget what they are.

The sun was behind this beautiful new Moralon leaf. You could see the tissue structure and veins and it looked like an aerial view of tributaries or something. My kind of thing.

The glimmering bottles of fermented fish (fish sauce) that arrived in the mail today from Jeff's parents are going to give us some new food options. Now if I could just find egg or rice wide noodles. One of our caving friends told us there was an Asian Market up north and when we are practicing rappelling we are going to have to stop. So far I made a pork thing with cucumbers (I am planting some), pork, tomatoes and fish sauce of course. Very good and a different flavor palate (nice change). Puerto Rican food is very flavorful but I really crave spicy stuff or just more variety. I like the labels - the baby gripping the bottle, and the other baby riding an ox or something. I appreciate the different types of fish sauce - two are Thai and the other I think is the stronger Vietnamese kind.

Our fat Washington cat Dakota is old. He doesn't understand why the little cats want to follow him around, and in the morning when he is on the bed he hisses at his own reflection in the mirror. Chicken herds him around and tries to rub on him and he doesn't like that either. So this is a beautiful thing to see them catching a snooze on a drizzly day TOUCHING on the chair. Beautiful!


Summer said...

It must be hard for Dakota to go from being an only child to have 100 brothers and sisters...haha. Chicken sleeps like Cheech (our Puerto Rican cat)!

Anonymous said...

Summer - Yeah, the Puerto Rican cats are little Cujo Cats especially when they hold their mouth open and pant! They look all twisted when they fully relax! katrina