Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Flores Dos

Ylang ylang is such a weird flower. I've had entire gardens of things that bloomed green (and another of black blooming things). These flowers are very nice smelling, but a little more subtle than I thought they would be (I could have put it closer to the house.)

We have got parcha (passion fruit) blooming again! Hooray! Parcha and quenepas are the only two fruit I can't get enough of! First I bought 3 foot high plants. They gave us fruit that I planted the seeds from. Those plants gave fruit already once and here they are blooming again! Yippee!

Orchids - I don't really know what to do with them so they hang in the Maria Tree neglected. A few times a year I soak them in a dilute orchid fertilizer and before you know it they pop into action!

Another orchid in bloom.

Yet another.

Gandules - Hamilton (previous owner of our house) gave me some gandule seed last year with instructions on planting it with a certain moon phase etc. I planted them into a hedge and typically they all came up and things were crowded. They grew like gangbusters and then had a serious scale infestation. Instead of spraying 4 foot bushes I cut them to the ground and did an oil spray. The plan was to have gandules by xmas, but here they are now on the new growth. The flowers look like little orchids. A lot of people have problems with worms in the peas etc. I haven't popped them open yet to check for that but they look like they will be something different to cook with! (thank you Hamilton)

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Minerva said...

Don't worry. Orchids like a little neglect at times.