Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Flores Uno

Aguacate (avocado) blossoms, about the same time as last year, but this time on my half knee high new grafted tree. All the big trees should start blooming after another rain or two.

In late summer we went to the Agricultural Fair in Lajas and bought 3 coffee shrubs - sun loving types. To my surprise they are blooming already!

These are buds on our Pixie Mandarin tree that is barely knee high.

This is going to be a great mango year! The smell of blossoms is overpowering when it wafts into the TV room.

This is a Pajuil or cashew tree that is pretty tiny but blooming!
We have gotten a tiny bit of rain over the last few days and things have popped into bloom. A lot of these blooms probably won't set fruit or the fruit will drop off because the trees are young. But it is still exciting! I am waiting for the peanut butter fruit to bloom. The pomegranate has had blossoms over and over again but no fruit. It is a good size shrub already so maybe abono is the answer.

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Minerva said...

They are so beautiful! I can see you are really enjoying your garden :-)))!