Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dam Cave 4

Our journey through the cave took us to what I call the tunnel of teeth - because of the stalactites that looked to me like alligator teeth! This area of the cave had the roof get closer and closer to the water to a point where we had to float on our tummies and pull along with our hands so our helmets would clear the ceiling. I imaged an alligator mouth slightly ajar and we were going down the throat! If it were to start raining, this part (a long ways) would be filled with water completely. It was creepy in a good way!

There were neat formations and water dripping off of them. The previous two days had rained so the water was up.

I think these are called curtain formations but I'm not sure. Some parts of the cave (like this one and the waterfall area) were steamy, and other parts had a cool breeze.

More neat formations.

Just think of how long it has taken these to form.

After a few hours of exploring, and going about half way into the cave we came back out into the beautiful Puerto Rico sunshine. The trip was only halfway due to the expectation of rain - this is not a cave to be inside of when the water rises. We have only been in 3 caves but they all have been a little different. We are looking forward to our next caving adventure.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome adventures you guys do!! Totally jealous! Good for u! Keep enjoying what PR has to offer