Thursday, March 12, 2009

Big Project - Painting the House

You know how it start in one place and then everything else looks bad! I sealed the roof and it is a bright pure white that makes everything else faded. The house is in need of some paint and I'd like some real color if I'm gonna do it. I decided I'd start with my favorite room - the screened/rejased in porch room. It started out as a pretty faded yellowish and I wanted it to be a real "jungle" room since it looks out at the jungle. It is the inside-out room. Here's the front and you can see the trim up top is half done.

My original thought is to paint the rejas in the same green, but I am now having second thoughts. I tried to paint some of the rejas in the jungle room, and it is going to take two coats. It is hard and I don't want to do all of it twice. So my latest thought is - green rejas for the jungle room in front only, and this balcony railing and rejas over the windows are going to be orange like the other walls of the house so that it hopefully takes only one coat! There has got to be a way to spray it or something instead of hand painting it. I have no idea how I will get my brush through the shutters from the inside to get the inside of the rejas. Anyone have rejas experience? I don't want it white, but spray paint sounds really easy.

I painted the top trim (one coat) today and will do the other coat tomorrow. I'll move the ladder down and do the trim under the balcony railing next week? Rejas rejas rejas. We love the rejas because we can leave the house open all the time. It will also protect things in hurricanes. I could spray it white I suppose but it would get dirty fast. Might be a good contrast since this wall will be a bright orange.

Here's the jungle room (front of house) with part of the door rejas painted green. Hamilton Jr. says the house had the front room open with just a railing at one point. That sounds kind of nice, but having it all screened in is lovely. We have a great view and that is the room I live in (Jeff lives in the TV room). When the house is done I will paint the red things (fountain and on top of the wall) orange like the other walls. I'll repaint the cement around the house a medium grey. Good thing it isn't raining. The yard just needs some watering, and can be kind of ignored for a while so I actually have time to do all this!


Anonymous said...


Thumbs up to the green color! I absolutely love it! Very bold and nice as a choice!


Minerva said...

Love the green! Not sure about orange... but a sky blue - instead of orange - would look nice with the green. :-)