Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dam Cave 2

Yes - caves are dark...sorry about the photo. This shows 3 of us wandering through one of the large open parts of the cave. We are walking in an underground river, so it is slippery, muddy (with bat stuff) and part wet/part dry in this section.

Everywhere you see the effects of water...look at the ridges on these stalagmites. What you can't really see is the water drops on the tips...they are growing growing growing.

This is in the waterfall area of the cave and Jeff is looking at all the mineral formations.

Ivan is standing/floating in the river near the waterfall. A few of us found hand holds and struggled against the swift water to climb up and over the waterfall. To come back the guys jumped/slid off of the top and I (Katrina) wormed through a tiny tunnel along side the falls. It was tight!

This is a tight tunnel Bro is coming through. Taking off the life vest helped make it easier. Life vests in this cave are a must - parts of the cave are pretty deep and there is no way to walk around the water.

Here's some water sliding off a curtain formation (I think that's what they are called).

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Rosa said...

Beautiful Pictures! I am always so impressed by what you capture with your photographs!
Thanks for sharing!