Friday, December 26, 2008

Bepo's Pre-spaying Stuck -in -the -log Batch That Need Good Homes

Who can resist this adorable neutered semi- feral male kitty? He took off after being neutered on Friday but we think he will be back...his family is here. This is Puff 2 and he is really a sweety.

Puff 1 we think is his sister and the one who was stuck in the log. She was spayed last Wednesday and has been hanging around even more. You can see her shaved tummy. She will make someone a nice companion (hint hint hint). She has a lot of fur and is cuter than the photo shows. She has a collar of white. All of these kitties will be nice once they are away from the others. They act like meercats when they are together.

How cute is he? This is Stippedy 1 (yes, he already has a duplicate stunt double we see sometimes). He loves cereal milk and is the pushy, bold little hunter. He has the most personality! He loves his head rubbed. He is like a mini-Junior, he may even be Junior's replacement (Junior was either overwhelmed by kitties and the lead male job or something bad has happened to him - he has been missing for 3 weeks and I haven't found a body).

This is Mars. She is on antibiotics that I syringe down her throat twice a day( not easy) in preparation for spaying in the next couple weeks. I am really partial to her. She is like a little stick figure and I gave her milk replacement and special treats. She is very sweet and small and will socialize nicely (she is on the couch next to me right now).

Here's Blanco, the most beautiful of them all! Snow white with peach on the tail, feet, nose and a touch on the ears. He is slightly cross-eyed with blue eyes (hears just fine). This one would be a good stay-around-the-house cat. He looks like a Siamese cat in a lot of ways, kind of exotic. He isn't neutered yet but will be soon. If anyone knows of a good home for any of them PLEASE let us know. We would like someone who will take care of them (give them shots and keep them safe with lots of love).

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