Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rappelling Practice in San Juan

We were fortunate enough to have semi-private rappelling instruction from Ivan and Julio (two very active and generous SEPRI members - cave society). We went to a park where they had a nice set-up - telephone poles and a cross-beam just ready for rope slinging! After multiple tries Julio got the rope over and started securing it to the other pole so we could prepare to ascend. There are a variety of knots and safety type double-rigging that I watched but cannot yet repeat. We will need to practice practice practice before dropping into and ascending out of caves.
There is a lot of gear, and since it isn't mine it all needed adjusting to get it snug enough. Lots of clips and straps and fortunately a lot of help.

Here I am climbing up the rope using the frog system (think that's what is it called). It involved a hand Croll rope gripper thingy and a strap your feet fit into.

Here's Jeff getting all adjusted. If you are back in Washington - check out the kayak water polo helmet with all your signatures!

The whole while that we were practicing this little car/ "ice cream truck" was cruising the parking lot selling drinks and stuff out of the back end!

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