Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Red Max Trimmer Update

I had a chance to use the new smaller 4" head last weekend. It lasted almost two tanks of gas or about 2/3rds as long as the 6" head. Good enough. It worked better than the old one like they said it would. I was concerned that since it held 1/3rd of the line the 6" one held that it wouldn't last even one tank of gas. I think the line lasts longer because I don't have to keep tapping the head to put more line out all the time. With the 6" head the line would break off or melt together inside the head. Constantly tapping the head (wasting line) would keep it from breaking and melting. I should use a lot less line now. The head also gets up to speed much faster since the mass is half as much as in the 6" head. This trimmer cuts faster than I can move it. I still think after only 5 months that the head should haven been covered (if only in part) by the warranty. After all, this trimmer is sold to be used commercially all day long. Thanks Katrina for doing a good job getting the trimmer fixed!

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