Friday, December 26, 2008

Cats - The Original Ones (an update)

Left to right we have Chicken (came to us with the real chickens), Bepo (mother to the rest), Puff 1, Mars, Pollo Pequeno (looked like a little Chicken), Puff 2, Blanco, and Princess. Not shown is Dakota aka Little Boy our fat cat from Washington. Junior is missing also - he has taken off or disappeared and hopefully is looking for love even though we neutered him. We hope he isn't dead (he is a nice strong sexy cat). As you can see, there are too many cats and I don't understand why they all get along.

It has been a year almost since Princess appeared with a barbed wire cut down her side. We had her sewn up and spayed and she hangs out inside and out and looks friendly but I still can hardly touch her. But she follows me everywhere. She likes to lay on my stuff and dig in my shoes.
Bepo is the mother of everyone but Chicken we think. She is spayed (thank you Kris) and has turned out to be a really nice cat to us...kind of a bitch with the other cats though.

Chicken was a tot when he arrived following the rooster and chickens around. To this day he still enjoys the chickens more than cats. He sleeps on the bed and we can hold him and carry him around like a normal cat. He is neutered and has all his shots.
Junior has all his shots and is neutered and currently is missing.
Pollo Pequeno showed up pregnant and I don't think is one of Bepo's. We took her in and had her spayed (abortion as well - sad but there are too many cats). She is rolly-polly and always around. Nice but not real bright. We are trying not to get attached. We are spaying and neutering any we can catch. We will feed them if they get along with everyone else. They get regular worming. If they stick around and we can pick them up we will get all the shots and if they take off at least they won't be baby factories. A single cat can have 4000 kittens in its lifetime and it seems that in Puerto Rico pets are not pets, they are disposable animals. It is a real shame and one of the only disappointments we have had about living here so we do what we can. For the price of a nice dinner out you can neuter 3 cats or neuter one and spay one. A much more lasting bang for the buck!

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