Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Downs of Caving - More Equipment

The rappelling practice had some poles for going up and then a bunker for practicing going down.
We used a "rack" to descend and there were a few kinds to try out. There was also a figure 8 descender. Jeff and I each had a different preference.

Now it is my turn to go over the edge! I really like it! I think I like going up better because it is a little more challenging. I will admit I really liked hanging in place and kicking off the wall.

Ivan was the first to practice and demonstrated the rigging so we could see how it is done. We are lucky to have a couple really good guys (Ivan and Julio) to literally "show us the ropes."

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Fran and Steve said...

You look like you're having so much fun! I really envy your attire! It has been freeeezing in Sacramento, literally, lows 28-34. Tonight our nephew is staying with us on his way from Camp Pendleton to his parents home in Newberg, OR. They have been having awful weather in OR and WA but tomorrow should be OK for him to travel up to Newberg. He is being deployed to Afghanistan. 2nd nephew to go. We already have a son-in-law in Iraq (Kirkuk). I sure hope this crap is over soon. You guys have a great Christmas! Fran