Thursday, December 4, 2008

PR Wire and Red Max Trimmers

I have been really happy with my Red Max trimmer these last 5 months (I should be because it costs more than 2x the best trimmers at Sears cost) It cuts almost as fast as I can move it. In the very tall thick grass I have to slow down but I can trim more than 2 times as fast as I could with the best trimmer from Sears.

It took a while for me to figure out how to use the trimming head. The key was to use Red Max trimmer line (.130). All the other line I bought melted. Even with using the Red Max line I would need to rewind (50 feet of new line) the head every two tanks of gas (over 2 hours run time).

Now 5 months later the head breaks. Katrina takes it back to PR Wire (I can’t because they are only open during working hours). They put a new smaller 4” head on and charged her $40! I think the head should be replaced under warranty. The new smaller head might look nice and it will last longer but it doesn’t hold enough line. It won’t hold enough line for even one tank of gas. Katrina told them the new head is smaller and she doesn’t think it will work but they insisted it would.

I think they took advantage of her. They should have replaced the head with the old style and probably should have done it under warranty. I probably only have 30 hours on this machine. If I have to replace the head every 6 months or so, so be it. The trimmer still cuts great but we need the original 6” head because our grass is so thick.

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