Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tonight's Dive at the Caves Despite *$@#! Traffic!

After enduring 2+ hours of traffic to go 40 miles we arrived at the dive site in Isabella. Katrina was convinced mid week diving in the afternoon was not for her. She would rather sit in the yard and watch the chickens then sit in traffic. There were about 4 major intersections that had flashing yellow (our direction anyways) lights. In Puerto Rico that means don't stop (either direction) unless your going to hit something. In the states if you came to a intersection where the lights were not working you would treat it as a four way stop. Not here, you go through and don't stop! If you stop then the cars trying to cross the intersection would go and then you wont be able to cross until someone in the other direction isn't paying attention and they leave a gap. That's your cue to go and then your direction of traffic starts going again... Water conditions were very good. A little wind but only small waves on the reef. We swam out to the swim through in the outer reef and began our dive. Vis was over 50'. We saw all kinds of fish and coral. It was great. We spent over an hour in the outer reef. We saw a huge school of purple or blue tangs mating. Pairs of fish would make a mad dash 10' up in the water then release a cloud of eggs and sperm and swim back down to the main group of fish. This was happening over and over. We also were visited by a nurse shark, turtle, huge grouper, barracuda, spotted eagle ray, and I caught two tasty lobster. After 92 minutes under water we swam in. The dive was so good that Katrina is ready to brave the traffic to do it again. Monday nights dive was awesome as well. We dove El Natural and started the dive at 8:30pm. Night dives are so much better than day dives.

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stefan said...

I can't relate to the dive YET, but the traffic, yes, I know the traffic.

Blinking yellow = Intimidate other drivers by pretending you are going to crash into them and then you can go.