Thursday, June 12, 2008

Stuff from Around the Yard

It is wonderful to have flowers to cut and bring in. Sometimes I just use foliage from the crotons and it makes a really nice display.

This tiny fruit is an acerola. It has more vitamin C in it than any other fruit. You can chuck it into a smoothie or just nibble when cruising around the yard.

This is a new one for us. It looks like some kind of annon...same family as corazons and llang llang. The fruit has very interesting scale like skin...wonder what it will taste like?
Plop plop, down go the breadfruit - the seed ones. I was watching them and checked just yesterday and they were hard. Today they plopped on their own and I got them before the bugs did!

Here are the seeds cleaned up. Next stop is the boiling water, then the fridge, then under the knife to get the outer coating off and then the salt. They taste like little potatoes and are good to snack on!


Aimee "Roo" said...

Oh how pretty! What an awesome harvest. :) Makes me wish I was in a tropical area.

Summer said...

I am so jealous. I can't wait until our trees/shrubs/flowers mature. Aside from way too many mangos, a few vegetables and a handful of flowers, we are still waiting ;).

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to have mature and fruting trees and shrubs, that's the main reason we bought this house. (It also has nice breezes and not as much rain as Mayaguez and north)We can nibble and collect something almost everyday, and are usually having three things from the yard - juice, coconut on cereal and either a fruit or veggie!

Plant papayas - a neighbor gave us a couple ripe papayas from her sister's house and we planted the seeds. We now have about 25 3 or 4 foot papaya trees that are starting to bloom! Very fast growing and I didn't use "abono". So far 6 of the 8 blooming ones appear to be female. Supposedly if you cut the males they may change sex and give you fruit. We figured we planted enough to cut down any males. I also didn't think they would all germinate. We sprouted some on paper towels, others we picked off the slimy seed covering, others we tossed in. Some direct planted and some we started in the shade bed in little pots. They all worked! We are in trouble when they all have fruit! katrina