Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tom Boy Gone Girl

Look at the new do! I've been feeling kind of frumpy with gray hair starting and really ratty hair from the salt water and sun. Combine that with a no-style hair cut and things were looking bad.
My neighbor said she was going in to have her hair "painted" and I asked to come along for an $8 haircut. Instead I ended up getting my hair painted too for the first time. Jeff loves it because it is red red red. Hard to tell in these photos but it is really really red - a very nice change! Here's the do from the side.

Here it is from the back - note that there is no more hair on my back. Nothing to leave itchy hairs sticking on my back. No hair to tangle in the first stage of the diving gear. No hair to make me sweat. Believe it or not it is long enough to put in a pony tail when we dive or cave or garden.

It's a little longer in the front so when I put it back it stay back. It is so girly !

It is really red so Jeff is happy.
I am happy about it too but this may be the only time it ever looks like this. I don't see myself using the iron, blow drying etc. I don't know if the color is going to become weird or faded in the salt water. My other neighbor told me to wear a hat gardening or my hair would fall out so at least when I garden it will be protected.

So why would a person do this? I wanted hair off my back. I was tired of it tangling in my scuba gear. I just needed a change.

Why coloring it? It was an impulse thing. It started with Mary and Gary (in laws) giving me a gift certificate for having a manicure and pedicure before we moved here - not something I would ever pay for. The manicure was weird - like paying someone to do personal hygiene - but the toes? Ever since then I paint my toenails. I think the hair may be like that - something that makes things a little nicer... so Mary and Gary take a look. I am stepping out into the world of girl. And friends at home...did you ever think you'd see the day? Kind of like the belly button ring. Out of character but fun...


Vicious Summer said...

I love it!! Great cut and color. I'm definately in the same boat. Desperately need a haircut but I don't know where to go, so I just wait until I go back to San Diego. I'm used to getting my hair cut once a year (if that), but I can't wait to get it lopped off. It's too hot for hair!

Anonymous said...

Definately too hot for hair, but for sports you gotta be able to put it back (not into the super short boy look-I'm not "built" for that). I don't really do "beauty" things either.

I went to one place when we first got here that was $30 for a shampoo, cut, blow dry (I went with an American who had gone there). It was a little rough but not a bad cut. Then I went to the mall - no appointment, $13 and just a "what you want?" trim. A little rough again. This spot was in Yauco was with a spanish speaking neighbor. The stylist did not speak any english and I gave hand motions, said "no capas" (no layers - I have a zillion cause I have loads of hair), put it in a pony tail and had her cut there first, and then said "Rhiana." They had a poster with the color I wanted. It really helped that Iwilda my neighbor was there to interpret as well. $60 but well worth it - in Seattle a shampoo and cut cost more. A color touch up will cost $35. A cut is $8. If you want to go down south... I think it is the best cut I've ever had. Really really is nice to have it off the back! katrina

Anonymous said...

Your do looks fabulous and you look beautiful. I have always had shoulder length, dirty-blondish (from a bottle) hair, that I pay to have cut twice a year, and I'll never get a cut that requires more than that. I should get it cut short when I move there, but I almost see that as more maintenance, plus I am still in denial about my age. I'm afraid cutting it short is the start of the slippery slope to blue hair. Fran

Minerva said...

Glad you are having fun, Katrina, and allowing Jeff to enjoy it, too. I like your and Jeff's blog and there is an award for both of you on my blog. Hope you will be willing to accept it graciously.