Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fruit and a New Table to Eat it On! Guineos Anyone?

Jeff likes to hang the racemes of guineos from the front tree because it looks cool to see them ripen there. Occasionally we see interested birds pecking at the top ones and know we need to bring them in. The roaming chickens get the pecked ones. So what does one do with this many bananas? Banana bread, banana cake (I have a really good recipe), on top of cereal, if we had a food dryer we'd do that, tostones for green ones, smoothies, the pickled banana thing, banana pancakes, and neighbors. Anyone know what else to do?

These are parcha -- yes, already the size of my hand...from the blossoms I photographed on 5/23! I don't know how big they are gonna get, but they are bigger than any parcha we've eaten already.

Here's our new table and our Washington cat - Dakota - out for a stroll. Chicken Little had a discussion with our fat cat and it offering him protection in exchange for tolerance. They actually kind of like each other. Anyway, the table gives us a way to enjoy the back part of the property. Sometimes there is a bigger breeze there. It is nice to have options of where to be...in front looking at the ridge line, on the balcony looking into the palm and mango, on the bench near "coqui alley" or here...looking at the area-of-possibilities. We still have to adjust the location of one of the benches, but under the Corazone tree is where it will stay. It is cement (and difficult to get in and out of the truck with just two people - one of whom is smallish). Since it is cement we don't have to worry about it flying around, rusting, mildewing, rotting etc. It is totally solid and we love it! I am happy with how they painted it as well.

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