Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mmmm, Fresh Fish

I have been trying to get out and go free diving and spearfishing since we moved here. Yesterday I finally got out and got a fish. I met a fellow free diver through Spear board on the Internet. He also just moved to PR a few months ago. He was kind enough to take me out and teach me a few things. I had a great time and we plan on going frequently. I am not big on killing things but I do enjoy the hunt. I love eating fish and lobster. I can't kill a chicken for dinner but I will spear a fish or boil a lobster. As we snorkeled out to the reef a large school of Yellowtail Jack swam past us. Julio picked out a nice one and shot it. I shot at one and missed. These fish are fast! I am used to spearing fish that don't move! We went back to the boat to put some fish in the cooler. You don't want to drag bloody fish around with you for longer than you need to. On the way back out again I managed to shoot a cero mackerel. Again, these fish are fast. I got in a great shot. It's a small fish but tastes great. In the picture I am holding the fish Julio speared. The picture of the silver fish in the cooler is the one I shot.

And this is what it looks like all cooked up. The fish tasted great! We are very happy with it. Katrina made a nice mango sauce from the mangoes in the yard. The limes are also from the yard.

I took a picture as we were leaving. What a nice area.
I had great fun and look forward to doing it again. Thanks Julio!


Summer said...

Yum! That fish looks delicious! Sounds like you had fun hunting dinner as well :).

Anonymous said...

Finally some fresh fish! We BBQd it so no frying. Jeff likes the free diving so I'm hoping he goes once a week or so. I like the fish better than lobster which we've been lucky enough to find once a week or so.katrina