Wednesday, June 18, 2008

First Fruits!

Didn't I just discover that the papayas were blooming? After taking inventory today we discovered some little fruits tucked in the blossoms. We planted these papaya from seed and are just amazed at how fast they have gone from seed blip to fruiting tree. These are our first watermelon. I planted two seeds directly in the ground and there they stayed without doing anything for what seemed like forever. Then I watered and things went better. There were a lot of little fruits on the two vines but they dropped off. There ended up being 5 watermelons.
Despite my neglect we got a few very very sweet watermelon and a huge amount of seeds to plant and start the cycle all over again.

My calabaza has really sprawled all over and I keep going out the clean up new areas in the direction the vines are headed. There is one plant and a bunch of these tiny pumpkins on it. I am watering (still no rain)f and hope the drop off rate isn't as high as with watermelon. I can't wait to make "barrigas de mujer viejo" (old ladies stomachs). They are delightfully soft little pumpkin fritters made of flour, canela, calabaza and fried of course. Some fried things are just plain good - these are.

Here are our first poblano peppers. I've harvested the aji dulce peppers but not these yet. I think they have some growing to do but they here they are.

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