Sunday, June 8, 2008

New Flowers...I Wondered What That plant Did...

I kept watching these two shrubs to see what they'd do. It has been a seven month wait and finally I know why they are here. They have really nice flowers! There are plants where I wouldn't put them, trees too close or lined up, and big stuff crammed into small places. I don't want to remove things until I know what they do and this week some mysteries were solved. This shrub stays and its companion white blooming one as well.

I love taking flowers in to the house. Gingers, heliconias, croton and a pink dracenea of some sort are nice in arrangements. I thought there were only orange birds-or-paradise in a large clump but I have spotted several pink versions that are very nice!

This is a treasure a neighbor gave me. It looks like a ginger of some sort or canna maybe? A nice addition what-ever it is.

This is the first plumeria bloom we've gotten. There are a few more flowers today. The scent is not very strong but the light flower and dark foliage is nice.

All over in coqui alley and the bed near the Maria Tree there have been these nice looking tall plants. They haven't bloomed until now, and the bloom is kind of orchid-looking (this isn't the best example - sorry). I guess they will all stay put.

We've got an area I want to cover in hibiscus. I found this coppery, metallic looking hibiscus in BoKeana nursery for $1.75. It has been blooming continuously and the copper-hot pink contrast is really nice!


Aimee said...

Wow that hibiscus is gorgeous! Ours get bright pink, but I love the combo of pink and orange. So pretty!

Jeff and Katrina Kruse said...

I was attracted to the copper metal look. In the sun it is really metallic looking. Nothing here is ever labeled so I don't know the variety, sorry. It is really really pretty! I'm taking cuttings so I can put it all over the yard! katrina