Wednesday, July 1, 2009

13th Anniversary

Well, last night was our 13th anniversary and as usual we went to dinner. We have GOT to find some decent dinner!

In Seattle we didn't appreciate how good things were until we got here in the land-of-dismal-food. If we are going to spend 60 - 100 on a dinner I want it to be better than what I can make and something I cannot or won't make at home (I am not the world's best cook so this shouldn't be hard). In Seattle we were in the land of seafood and got fresh crab, scallops, salmon, halibut etc etc. Maybe the problem here is that we are ordering seafood?

Since we have been here we tried a place that looked out at Isle de Ratones in Joyuda - big oily mess. Then we tried a place with murals on the walls and Tarpon in the water at the other end of Joyuda - ok but not worth the price tag. Last night we tried Galloways in Boqueron - marginal. Are our expectations too high? All we want is "'clean," kind of disinfected food. By that I mean cuts of meat and pieces of fish that don't have gristle and bones and things to nibble around. Just lean, clean pork or chicken or fish. How about a real salad? One with things in it and not just crappy tomato bits and thousand island? How about a nut here and there, carrots, etc. We did have a decent meal at Pito's in Ponce, but so far we figure you might as well eat on the side of the road - cheaper and better. We had good sushi at a place in Caguas after a cave excursion but that is it. We don't want things smothered in cheese (Velveeta or otherwise), swimming in garlic oil, fried to the point of being hard, or covered in anything. Just clean unadulterated fish with something colorful and not overcooked on the side. Not tostones (which I do like), mofongo, french fries, rice or other white things.

Ok - I am done ranting now. We will salvage the anniversary by horse back riding at Villa Montana and try having lunch there. Hopefully we don't end up getting a fried Yautia ball afterwards and having it be better for only $1.25!


Anonymous said...

Get a clue, try any of these fabulous restaurants in San German:

A 2 tiempos
De lirious

If you like Seattle so much, then go back.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - I will take you up on the "clues' - we like Tapas (but the menu has been the same for 1 1/2 years) and have heard of Auxerre which wasn't open on our anniversary. A 2 Tiempos kind of focuses on beef which isn't our favorite but is on the list to try and I haven't heard of the others! Thanks for the suggestions and I'll ignore the snotty comment at the end - that wasn't the intent of the post! katrina

Anonymous said...

Your problem, I believe is that you have different spectations
for the local restaurants. Maybe the restaurants on the West Coast are geared towards a local clientele and not the international market. And as you may know there is no much fresh seafood in the island.

Maybe in a decade or so when future local chefs use techiques learned in cooking schools or watching Iron Chef America open a new generation of restaurants you will see something that suits your flavor.

Anyway you may want to check the following list:
maybe there you will find the restaurant you are looking for.


Anonymous said...

Having traveled extensively the satement "West Coast are geared towards a local clientele and not the international market." is pretty darn funny. I only wish the food quality/taste in Western Puerto Rico was "international." The only offerings are fried, and greens are hard to find. However, it's my only disappointment when visiting.