Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cocina Creativa = Good Food

No photos, but here is a thumbs up for food in Puerto Rico! After diving the caves at Shacks I came back through Aquadilla and stopped in at Cocina Creativa for lunch. Jeff sometimes goes there for lunch and likes it so I figured I was hungry, so why not stop?

I had a nicely grilled piece of marlin (I know, bad bad bad - think it is on the non-sustainable fish list) that had grill marks on it and wasn't dry. It had a small amount of nicely done coconut curry with a side of mashed potatoes and a salad that had shredded carrots on it, a sprinkle of sunflower seeds and arugula. The coffee was good (coffee here is wonderful) and they had a chocolate dessert too.

Menu includes smoothies and espresso, they had real bread (you know, wheat and other choices besides white), sandwiches like jerk chicken with mango chutney, eggplant with pesto, black bean veggie burgers with salsa, and a bunch of specials that all looked good. Free wireless internet if you are so inclined and baked goods. Oh, I was stuffed, but there was a tomato/parcha soup that sounded like an interesting combo - he said it was a recipe from Spain.

Carr. 110 KM 9.2 in Aquadilla up near Cima Hotel area. Between Gate 5 and Supermercado Coop. Kind of a hole in the wall, but I ate on a real plate (no plastic cups).

The Thai place near there is decent as well if you don't cook your own Thai. So there are two reasons to go up that way (3 if you surf, dive, or horseback ride). Bon Proveche!


Summer said...

Cocina Creativa is a great place to eat. Fresh food with lots of flavor (that isn't smothered in butter, cheese or grease)! I just wish it was closer or open longer hours...

Anonymous said...

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