Friday, July 31, 2009

Lots of Fruit

Now that the mangoes are winding up (at least what we can reach) the other stuff is kicking in. I think the tiny fruits are just waiting for a little rain and then they will ripen overnight! When we first moved here it was a great aguacate year but we didn't realize the how's and when's of harvesting them. We now know they can be stored on the tree and ripened when we want them. It was a bad mango year the first year so we didn't figure them out until this year. I have to harvest them and keep them in the fruit bowl for a week or two and then they are perfect! Last year we waited til they dropped (which meant they were overripe) and then cut out the smashed part. This year is the year to figure out the guayabas. Last year they turned pink and dropped and had worms. Do you pick them green? When is the perfect time? If I wait for the birds they are overripe and wormy. Ah, learning when to pick stuff is, well, a learning process. So I have a little time before the Guavas are ripe. I'll probably try to make some flakey pastries or something since they are really too sweet for me to enjoy as juice or fresh. Still, to see these little fruits is exciting whether or not I like them.

This is a kumquat tree that is only a foot tall or so and has about 8 fruit on it amazingly! I don't know how big the fruit should be. Since the tree is tiny should I try to eat one now? I think I'll wait awhile. I'll have to research whether or not they turn color or stay green.

Finally we've got some pomegranites. This tree started out only about 6 or 8 inches tall and is now a good 7 feet or so. The first fruits fell off (which isn't unusual for small trees) so it is nice that we will hopefully get some good ones!

The pomegranite (grenada) tree is really more like a bush. It has little thorns all over.

The coffee is still very green - I know I have to wait for it to turn red before harvesting but when will that be? We need some rain.

When I first planted lechosa (papaya) we ended up with probably 30 bearing trees and had a papaya a day just about. I got sick of them and cut them down after they fruited. I have since planted more but have a higher percentage of males this time. Still, we are starting to get fruit again already! The blossoms are really pretty.

Nice little fruits that will take several months to mature.

I few big ones that should be sweet. Last year there was a lot of rain shortly after I planted the seeds and we ended up with some watery fruit. Later the fruit got better. This year we haven't had rain so I think the fruit will be very sweet.

The fruit schedule seems off a lot from last year. Last year the quenepas (my favorite fruit I think) were finished by mid-July. This year they are kind of sweet but not very fleshy. If we get some rain they may plump up. The avocados aren't near ready but we've got scads of anones of some kind (little hand grenade looking things) that we didn't have last year. It is interesting that there is so much variation from year to year. Which year is the odd one?

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