Friday, July 17, 2009

Bepo is Back...

6 weeks ago Bepo (the original cat) was attacked by another cat or a dog and appeared stinky and oozing green stuff after a 3 night absence. I rushed her to the vet and they cleaned out everything and gave her antibiotics etc and I brought her home. We kept her in for 2 weeks (which is a long time for a semi-feral cat) and scrubbed the wounds with betadine every night. When she was mainly healed and we couldn't stand it anymore we let her out and she disappeared!

After thinking the worst she just shows up. I am thinking there are parallel universes in Puerto Rico...that all the duplicates (look-alikes, replacements) come from this place. Whoever had her had to have seen that she had been to the vet...that she was spayed...that she was shaved for god's sake. Well she hasn't left the house for a week now. Just hangs out inside with the others.

And speaking of the others, here are SOME but not all of them. Left to right - Pollo, Mini, Chicken, Princess, Puff, Mars, Stripes, Blanco, and Tuca in the background. Not shown are Bepo and Dakota.

My neighbor works at Kmart and when this nifty pet bed was marked down from $99 to $5 she snagged it, actually snagged two. The cats enjoy them and pig pile on them. This is Tuca the kitten.

Chicken is taking a snooze claiming the scratching post as his.

Dakota the fat and furry Washington cat lounges on the second cat bed. It has memory foam so it is a luxurious thing like a mini temperpedic mattress!

Mini is solitary just like Princess.


Fran and Steve said...

So glad Bepo is safe at home now. Fran

Mike said...

Thanks for the cat update. Relieved that Bepo has returned safely.