Monday, June 29, 2009

Aibonito Flower Festival = Great Fun!

My favorite booth and place of most spending ($80) was this heliconia booth. They had heliconias great and small, hanging and upright and every color that exists and some that shouldn't! Here is the place we got a pink banana (fruit is pink and seedy but edible) and carnivorous, pendulous jack-in-the-pulpit "organic" looking basket, a couple pink torch gingers (common but spectacular), and the prize of all prizes... a She Kong fuzzy red/orange heliconia that towers at 8 feet or so!

This is the lovely She-Kong...the photo doesn't show the true fuzziness.

Of course there were orchids. Orchids big and small, delicate and huge, brown, green and everything in between. This purple patterned one caught my eye...

and then the charge card. A necessity for the jungle room I think.

Orchids orchids everywhere!

and more. Other finds were some strawberries (why not) and a blackberry in a hanging basket (which I don't understand). A Dancing Lady ginger (photo to come later) and a bunch of free pineapple tops to make a pineapple bed! We sipped a yummy pineapple drink and noticed the guy was piling up pineapple tops (each drink was a pineapple). He said we could take some and showed us how to plant them correctly - twist off the top of the pineapple and pull a few leaves off the stalk so you see the little hair roots. Then plant them. We planted the whole tops before but haven't gotten fruit yet so we'll try this with the lucky 13 tops we picked up - por gratis! So all in all a wonderful day in the central area looking at nature's beautiful things. Some day, when the gingers and heliconias reach full height we will see flowers, so I guess I better plant them somewhere soon!


Anonymous said...

wow That orchid is amazingly beautiful!

Cassie said...

Awesome! I love flowers and tropical ones are the best. Good luck with the pineapple farm :-)