Saturday, June 27, 2009

Flamboyant Time

Every flowering tree or shrub here is wonderful but the Flamboyants are simply magnificent! Their graceful branching structure, delicate leaves and fake looking flowers amaze me whenever I see them. I especially like looking at the petals on the ground after a good rain. So until mine are flowering (I planted them from seed) I have to drive around oohing and ah hing. Here is a nice orange one along highway 2 near Ponce.

I didn't think there were many yellow ones until I started looking closer. So many trees here flower yellow that you have to really look down the trunk to realize there are yellow ones.

Here's a nice red one. I think the red ones are the most common ones.

More red...

More red. They are kind of at their peak or a little past prime. I had to photograph them anyway! I swiped pods off orange, red and yellow ones and my trees are now 6 or 7 feet tall. I also planted 2 blue ones but haven't seen any to photograph. I believe the blue ones are actually Jacaranda trees and don't know if the others are Jacarandas or not. Can't wait for the surprise year that they bloom it!

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