Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Diving While Jeff was Working Hard on Solar

While Jeff was working hard on solar stuff I went out diving. There wasn't anything I could do to help him (I PAINTED all the stuff during the week - still haven't finished the rejas) so I went with friend David for some very nice dives over the last two weekends. This is the trail to Natural.

When you follow it down you get to the beach and it doesn't give any indication of how nice things are underwater. We dove on a Saturday and Sunday since it was great visibility and calm conditions. On Saturday it was turtle heaven when we saw 20 turtles or so (Jeff was with us on this one I think). The next day we saw a school of Sabados (tarpon) (we usually see these on the drop off at Corseca), Mero, blah blah it was just a schooling fish day!Fabulous!

Here are the cinder blocks Israel sits on when he "watches" the cars (for $3). His family is great, it is nice to be able to give someone the keys, and he gave me a Ceiba tree seedling that will grow up to be like this one I hope.

Last weekend Jeff was very hard at work and I went to Shacks with Raul (left) and David (right). Conditions were stupendous! We had a wonderful 96 minute dive with over an hour of that on the outside of the reef. No current, good visibility, sunshine.

It was soooooo good we came back on Sunday and conditions were pretty similar but a little more windy. We decided to try uncharted territory and headed to the east as far up the beach as we could walk. We went out and slipped into the "holes" and then found ways out to the outside reef. We headed straight out (north) for quite a while and since there was current went with it to the west when we came in.
Flat flat flat. The surface conditions were wonderful. We saw a huge eagle ray and a really big nurse shark - biggest shark I have seen here in our 1 1/2 years. We came out one of the normal holes after 96 minutes.

On the way home I saw a horse in a pickup. I just love how low the truck is to the ground and the horse just looking ahead at the highway in front of him!


Anonymous said...


We can not wait to see your underwater pictures from PR diving excursions.

Your fans,

Ham + Trio

Cassie said...

That horse picture is hilarious! Horses are everywhere there.

It's been rainy here too quite a bit-unusual in this climate and Kitty has been clamoring to come inside too. We usually only bring him in if it negative degrees here.

I've never been scuba diving but Britton really thinks we should learn.

Polly said...

That picture of the horse in the truck reminds me of North Carolina, except they had deer in their trucks. Dead or alive. ha ha