Friday, June 12, 2009

Batteries Scare Me

I am making progress but it's going slow. I worked 13 hours on Tuesday and every few hours Katrina would come by and say "it doesn't look like you did anything, what have you been doing?" She will never understand... But she did come back from Home Depo with a perfect box for the batteries. My "plan" is to finish on Sunday and go the Hacienda on Monday to get my tax credits. That's only one week of buffer for any unexpecteds. I sure hope we get the 75% and not just the 50% tax credit. The panels are all mounted and almost all wired up. Only the ground is left. The conduit and wires make it to the marquesina now, just 20' away from the inverter.

Here is the inverter, epanel, and charge controller mounted on the wall. Thanks Hamilton for helping me lift it in place. The inverter alone weighs 110#'s.

Just mounting, connecting, wiring, etc takes a lot of time!

Here is the battery box. It fits perfectly.

Here they all are wired in series. 48V at 420 AH. All full of Acid, lead, and power! 20,000 watt Hours of energy all ready to release in Micro Seconds if I screw up!

I put some nifty "water miser" caps on each cell. Its a catalyst to convert the Hydrogen gas back to water. I won't have to water the cells but a few times a year. It's going to be another dive free weekend for me!

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