Monday, March 31, 2014

In The Land of the Living

I don't have a camera or computer yet so there aren't photos but I thought I could write some initial impressions down. I feel like I am in the land of the living. I just heard a train and it is a soft sound in the background. It is also a REAL train and not a super loud fake-out car horn. I have picked up exactly 5 pieces of garbage after hiking/walking for at least 15 MILES. I have not heard anyone on a microphone. There are doves here -but they are not amplified sounding. I have seen lots of birds and rabbits and dogs on leashes and only one dead animal - a skunk. There are no offensive smells - the library even asks that women not wear heavy perfume or they will be asked to leave. There is a library. Roads are flat and straight with lines and reflectors and NO HOLES. Haven't seen a ping-pong, super swerve, inch-worm or pass-up back up move. Also no intersection blocking. I do have to say it is hard to adjust to the mesmerizing speed (70 or 75 in a lot of places).

Stores have an abundance of things in them to the degree that I have gone in, stood around looking and left without anything. Overwhelming and I have cried a couple times. There are breads of every grain and fresh vegetables or every color and even COSTCO has locally sourced organic, free range, non GMOS antibiotic free stuff.

I have lots of intelligent conversations with lots of strangers who care about the same stuff I do because people look you in the eye and are interested.

I set up utilities over the phone, got a driver's license in under ten minutes ( good for 8 years), set up a bank account without waiting and all I can say is that I am very thankful to be back in the Land of the Living and will not take these things for granted!


Anonymous said...

When I moved to PR, I rented an apartment, had the electric turned on, had my appointment for the water, picked up my car that was shipped and paid taxes on it, and had a medical exam and got Blue Cross/Blue Shield - all in 3 days! Bet you won't post this!

Jeff and Katrina Kruse said...

Sometimes things DO work in Puerto Rico but it is "Rican Roulette"... SOMETIMES the marbete paperwork comes... SOMETIMES power has been out and you are. There with no lines as it pops back on....SOMETIMES your appt really is one. Sometimes