Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I wasnt going to make a post like this but since I got so many comments on how I shouldnt say anything bad about PR and how it's all my fault ect, ect, I decided to post a few pictures I took on the way to work ONE morning in a 6 minute drive.

These are only pictures of garbage, not of dead animals. I can't bring my self to do that. I had one commenter who is such a liar (or blind, but then they shouldnt be driving) say they drove from the West Side to San Juan and didnt see any dead animals. LIAR.

This what I see/saw twice a day. And yes it is my fault and yes it is ok because they are poor as I have been told. Give me a break.

I have more. This is only one road. Enjoy.


adolfojp said...

Your post is a strawman argument.

As we've told you before we're not telling you that the island is perfect. Go check my previous comment if you want some confirmation.

And we don't want to censor your negative views about the island. Those who know me know very well that I am one of the first to complain about the things that suck here.

What bothers me about your posts is that at some point you determined that the island wasn't just a flawed place but a place without merit. And then at some point you decided to label bad things that happen on the island, and even neutral things that might bother you, as Puerto Rican things. (And that includes fast food and American cheese products.)

Bad people do bad things in the USA? Oh, those are just bad people. Bad people do bad things in Puerto Rico? But of course they do, they are Puerto Ricans.

So, your posts are not about how some bad people throw garbage on the side of the road but about how Puerto Ricans throw garbage as if it were an intrinsic quality of me, my friends, my family, and countless others who don't partake in destructive behavior. Can you not understand how this might bother some people? And of course, you never mention the many Puerto Ricans who work against those negative actions or even about the reasons why they might happen. But hey, you made a nice post about a park so you must be an objective person, right? No, because even your most positive posts are at best snide underhanded compliments.

And don't even get me started on your criticism of Puerto Ricans who eat offal or about your criticism of the popular restaurant that had 50 beer varieties but not the one that you liked, or about the fact that poor rural Puerto Rican supermarkets don't have access to that particular item that you're used to. That's just you being egocentric and petty.

And then there's the comments that you made about the parents that were dropping off their kids at school on the day that your car got in a fender bender. Wow.

But hey, at least you allow comments like mine to exist on your blog, which tells me that you're willing to read criticism even if you're not willing to accept it. But I'm afraid that you're just allowing these comments here because you thrive on confrontation.

Jeff and Katrina Kruse said...

Adolfojp, in my post above I say look at the garbage I see twice a day. I do NOT say that ALL Puerto Ricans do this. I just say that so many do litter it makes the island look like a garbage dump.

What are your Puerto Rican things? Is there such thing as Puerto Rican things?

AGAIN when did this become a USA vs PR???? On occasion the USA is mentioned as a way to do something different but this is NOT about the USA vs PR.

What is a Puerto Rican? Why do you call yourself or others as Puerto Rican? What State should I call myself? Last I checked Puerto Ricans were Americans.

Americans like to kill, eat bad, are loud and obnoxious, and a whole host of other things. There, let’s see how many comments I get about that (roll eyes).

Don’t advertise 50 kinds of beer and only have a few. It’s not that they had 49 kinds and just didn’t have the one she wanted. Give me a break.

I judge each person as individuals when I meet them. I have no preconceptions when I meet them. I will however stereotype a person’s actions until I meet them. If I don’t meet you how can I know how you’re going to act? Can I see a stoplight turn red and expect 3, 4, 5, 6, or even 7 people to go through it? Should I expect everyone to stop even though I know I am in Puerto Rico? Should I not anticipate the car sitting on the side of the road will unexpectedly just decide to go and cut me off? That would be foolish and reckless. Those are some examples of stereotypes that will keep you safe.

Parents dropping off their kids at the schools is a zoo. They just stop where ever they want with no respect to anyone else. Everyone knows you don’t want to pass a school.

Complaining is the first step in acknowledging the problem.

Jeff and Katrina Kruse said...
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Jeff and Katrina Kruse said...

Again if you Anonymous commenter’s think I am making this up and I took those pictures elsewhere give me your email and I will send them to you. Check the properties in each picture. You will see the time, date, AND GPS location. These were all taken on my way to work on a 2 -3 mile stretch of road

Anonymous said...

@adolfojp: Don't be an asshole.

After living 25 years in Puerto Rico I can honestly say that these pictures are accurate and the smell and sight of dead animals along the roads are accurate. Don't be such a pussy and get offended by these photos. I've read their blogs and can corroborate that living in PR is not for everyone. And before you even ask, I was born in that island.