Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New Posts

New Posts from New Mexico will be coming soon. We have been busy and don't have our computer yet. It's been really nice so far. Our perspective sure has changed. It's easy to make us happy. No dead animals, garbage, barking dogs, no smell of death, neighbors with microphones, people running every red light and cutting you off, and no lines, 10 minutes to get a driver’s license, 10 minutes to get power turned on, it’s like we are in heaven. It’s so much easier.


Mike said...

How did the cats adjust to the move?

Jeff and Katrina Kruse said...

So far so good. Polo, even though skittish during the day is very nice at night. Jacki can be sweat but mean also. We bring them to their (our) new house on Saturday. I will go back to PR and get the others. We worry mostly about Coyotes now.

Jeff and Katrina Kruse said...

My two weeks are almost up and we haven’t seen a single dead dog or cat. It’s such a relief. When we lived in San German I would see over 10 dead dogs and cats in various states of decay on my way to work EVERY day. The piles would only be recognizable for about 2 weeks therefore a new dead animal was added every day.

Driving from the Moca house we would see less because the distance was shorter and in a large stretch of road the tall grass would hide them. You could still smell them though! 5 minutes of driving is all it would take with the vents open in the car before you would smell them. No smell of dead animals yet here.

Usually I don’t make comparisons to other places because I don’t need to but I can’t help but make the comparison of NO dead dogs or cats where I am now V.S. so many in PR.