Thursday, April 3, 2014

Garbage problem, no problem

I guess this is the way someone decided to take care of the garbage problem on HW 112. Bulldoze it over the edge. My guess is that they work for the government here and were either told to do it or took it upon themselves to take care of the garbage problem following local customs. Maybe this happened because Bro has been contacting the local agencies to get this cleaned up. Be careful what you wish for as the cure is worse than the disease. Now all that garbage is mixed up with tones of dirt and rock AND it’s been pushed over the side of the hill. I know some of the Blog readers reading this will say it’s all my fault and I should lead by example and I should have picked it all up and I should not complain and I should be happy living in a garbage dump and I am lying and I put the trash there and that THEY NEVER see garbage or dead animals and and and. And most of the ones saying all that don’t even live here. Oh well, I only have a few weeks left and Katrina is already out. Notice the water plant is right in the middle of this.


Jeff and Katrina Kruse said...

Honey- you have got it all wrong...they had to clear more space to make it easier to dump more!

Anonymous said...

We already know how happy you were leaving the island, how dirty some areas are, etc, etc. I follow your blog because I love to read about your adventures, your cats, your gardening and love all the pictures. And I am looking forward to read all about your new adventures, new gardening (if any. We already know that you loved PR at the beginning (I think) and you hate it now. So can you please stop blogging about PR, we already know how you feel. I really would like to read and see pictures of your NM.

Jeff and Katrina Kruse said...

Hi Lori,

I haven’t left yet and this is what I see twice a day. I hate it. I only have a couple weeks left so bare with me. I need some way to vent.

I am however behind on a good post from the weekend about caving. I’ll get to that soon.


Svetlanta said...

Totally agree with Lori, time to move on, you have let your feelings about PR well known, although your initial posts were very interesting as you were exploring new plants, foods etc, an almost child like curiosity that was very interesting and refreshing to read, time to move on now, let's hear about your new home and adventures, hopefully it stays interesting and on a positive note this time.