Friday, April 4, 2014

The last few caves...

Since we have been so busy with our move and having fun we weren’t able to make a post about our recent caving trips. Here is a quick summary: Katrina’s last cave here, Guzman and it was nice!
Then I went with Julio, David and his grandson. We visited Cuvea La Luze, an old show cave. Then we visited el Largato. Both easy so we added a third cave to the day, Cathedral. I think the mud added to the fun. That was enough for David and Julio. The next day Tom, Julie, and I visited Humo2 and Agua. We helped carry some of Julie’s dive gear so she could dive the sumps. Humo2 has promise but it’s too damn muddy and small. In Agua (upstream) she found the terminus in a breakdown pile. That was successful and that unknown is gone.
Now for a bunch of pictures.


Anonymous said...

We know you miss Puerto Rico very badly

Jeff and Katrina Kruse said...

Yes, we will miss our friends, the caves, diving, and the ocean.