Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dead dog road (HW2) (do not read if you don’t want to read something bad about Puerto Rico)

I am sorry but I still can’t get this off my mind. I thought after 4 days I would forget about it.
Simply I drove to my friends house in Guanica on Saturday (We had a real nice time). I would guess it’s less than 50 miles.
I was on a hands free phone call most of the way.
I still couldn’t avoid being assaulted by the sight of at least 9 dead dogs and one cat.
I can’t wait to get out of here so I can drive down the road and not see dead dogs and cats.
But the dead ones are the lucky ones be so many more were starving.
I am trying to fill my time doing good stuff but it’s impossible to get away from all the cruelty.
Go to Crashboat to enjoy the beach and have a pack of mangy dogs limp by with open sores.
At least Sundays cave adventure only had me digging through broken glass, a giant tire, and some other garbage. Garbage is less offensive.
It should be less than two more weeks of posts like these… Then I am out of here.

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