Monday, May 25, 2009

Solar Progress

Jeff has been hard at work constructing the rails for the solar panels. He is using 4 x 4 galvanized steel and a bunch of brackets. There will be 3 sets - one for 4 panels and the other two will have 3 panels on them. Ten panels in all. We had to move the satellite dish but that was easy.

They are all pointed toward magnetic south or something and will be on an angle that changes depending on whether it is summer or winter. I know the upper position is 18 degrees which lifts the north end up about 4 feet.

He placed the rails so he could use the raised beams and put as few as possible anchors into the roof. The anchors go about 2 inches into the roof and he drills, vacuums debris out, epoxy goes in and then puts in the anchor. Or he uses the scuba tank to blast crap out of the holes.

I think we may try to chainsaw prune the Maria tree - it doesn't create any shadows but it needs some reigning in. Jeff is the technical one so I may have some of the info incorrect. All I know is that the panels and batteries and stuff come next week and there are four weeks that all this needs to be completed in! The wiring should go quickly, we are looking at some kind of containment thing for the batteries, the finishing touches may take longer as we touch up the roof and maybe paint the rails again or whatever. Meanwhile I am still painting rejas!

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