Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I could hear the bees in the morning and discovered the Quenepa was starting to bloom. One day nothing, and the next all new leaves and flowers! Crazy what a little rain can do.

Finally I've got some swiss chard. Nice healthy leaves without insect damage...yet.

Guineos. It is hundreds or nothing. Looks like it'll be another 3 bunches or so in the next month.

I haven't had much luck with zucchini - they flower, make one fruit and are done. These 3 plants don't even have fruit yet. Even if I only get one I still want it. I'll plant a couple seeds a week until I get the timing right - hard to find in the supermarket and hard to cough up $1.50 a fruit for what you couldn't give away in the states!

Hmmm. My favorite - parcha!

Lots of blossoms and a few fruit already.

This year the fiberless big mangoes are plentiful. Many are way to high, but they only hit on one side when they fall so we eat the other side.

Lots of fiberless mangoes - email recipes! There are too many to just eat plain!


Anonymous said...

looks delicious! wow u have a lot of plants

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - we've got many many more fruit trees, I'll have to blog an inventory at some point (I don't have a list anywhere and I should). We are lucky to have many mature and fruiting trees and that is part of why we picked this property (also a lovely little house - not so little when you actually paint it though). The small fruit trees and vegetables are mainly from fruits we have eaten and planted the seeds or cuttings. They won't bear fruit for many years but so what? We also purchase some grafted trees that will bear sooner. Yup, we are spoiled to be able to eat at least 3 things a day from the yard - usually by breakfast (lechosa, coconut on cereal and guineo). There is always something to eat and once the solar is installed we are pretty independent - a good thing the way the world is going! katrina