Sunday, May 24, 2009

How the Yard is Looking

The hedge like line of green is vetiver grass that I just gave a haircut to. It has filled in nicely and seems to be doing its job although we won't know until the rain comes. The flowers are the top of the false orchid tree that we did chainsaw pruning job to.

Vetiver grass is great because the roots go deep (holds a lot of soil) but it stays very contained unlike other grasses. You can let it go or trim it. I just trimmed it so I could weed beneath it and keep the good grass from intermingling with the bad.

The garden wall is looking good. The ornamental grasses have matured (didn't I just plant them?) and the flowers reseeded and are now taking over making perfect cat resting spots.

We are up on the roof moving the satellite dish and prepping for the solar panels. From the roof the mangoes (tree on left) are looking good.

Cats cats cats. This area is their personal playground and nap-taking area.

From the roof the arboretum is taking form. It all looks well managed but in reality the grass is 4 feet tall and I trim circles around the little trees. It is a huge difference from 1 1/2 years ago though when we couldn't even see horses up there and it was all the crappy "plague" trees and vines. Glad we have photos and the blog so we can look back when it seems like we aren't making progress!


Anonymous said...

Jeff and Katrina,

The property looks gorgeous! You made me think that is how the whole area looked many decades ago when I was a child. There were no white trees (anywhere) and only grass like you now have where animals could freely graze. In fact, the whole Santos family farm looked like that. It definitely needed a young energetic couple like yourselves to bring it back to life, LOL!



Minerva said...

The yard is looking great - cats, too :-)