Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More Edibles or Almost Edibles

We have been eating lechosa (papayas) every morning on cereal or in oatmeal or in yogurt for months now and are down to the final handful. Some are kind of bitter, some are watery and others are musky or really sweet. We planted around 30 from several different papayas (some store bought and others given to us) and we hack the tree down when it is finished and start over from seed. The plant behind was a 4 inch cutting a year ago - Shooting Star which is shooting suckers all over the place now! It is over 5 feet tall and wide!

These are my first coffee beans!

This is a coffee bean flower - looks like a citrus flower.

The Chinoja and Chinas are flowering 4 or 5 clusters at a time. There is a strong and lovely (nothing like it) perfume all day and night wafting around. It smells strongest when it is humid and still. I think I like the China smell better than Ylang ylang or the male papaya, but that opinion changes depending on what is blooming at the time!

I've got some cantaloupe flowers but no fruit so far. I've also got quite a few weeds!

Little Carombolas everywhere - around 50 I'd say. The tree is pretty, but not a pretty shape (lopsided). It is tucked in between the Quenepa and an Aguacate.

The only BIG Carambola - never saw that blossom. If I am busy with other things and don't take the 2 times a day tour I don't notice blooming things. I can hear what is blooming in the morning when the bees wake me up. Peanut M and M sized bees!

Little Aguacates. We just pruned this tree severely (it was really tall and the wood isn't that strong). Last year it was so heavy a branch with around 80 fruit on it broke. Time to get out the chainsaw! We have 3 huge Aguacate trees that give fruit at slightly different times, and another 4 that have started to produce ( only a handful per tree). I also planted a couple different ones - Avila and another type. Why more? They fruit at different times, it gives you liberty to prune to keep fruit low and rejuvenate the trees and not be without fruit, there are a jillion different types to try!

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