Thursday, May 29, 2008

You Can See the Entire Yard at Once!

Here's the house and property from down a little above street level. You can see the cleared area below where we planted bananas and papayas and assorted trees. The house sits in the middle of the property. You can't see the 13 mature citrus trees that are just below the house. Then you can see above the house up to the newly re-strung fence line. All the grass is cut! There is more yard to the right. This is the first time we can actually SEE all the property at once! Behind our property there is Bosque which is I think government park land. Directly above us 2 miles or so is Maricao.

Here is a mature corazone tree with a 7 foot Naranja agria (bitter orange) tree, then aguacate (avocado) then naranja agria then troll bridge. I think Blue Curacao liquer is distilled naranja agria. Look how nice and green and low the grass is. This tree is begging for a cement table and bench set to be put under it. I saw a Puerto Rican Todie (small green and red bird) in this tree.

Here's a view of the top of the house from the middle of the upper property. One of the many things we love about this house is its unique shape. The super big tree to the right is the Maria Tree which is a real treasure. It is huge and creates lots of shade and birds love it and cats love it and chickens hang out under it.

More of the upper property. The berms are raked grass from after weed wacking placed on the contour lines of the slope to help create terraces and trails. It also traps sediment and prevents erosion. It also decomposes and I have compost close to things I will plant up there.
This is one of three large and many small watermelons we've got growing. Today in Sam's Club one watermelon was $6! I think I'll enjoy ours even more now!


Anonymous said...

Jeff and Katrina,

You have done an amazing job cleaning up the property. Its never been that well maintained! I know the fruits of your labor will reward you well. So many memories come to me when I see your pictures. I still remember when my parents bought and planted the Maria tree. We are all so happy you guys were the ones who bought the house and love and appreciate it so much.



Anonymous said...

I asked your dad if he had any photos of the yard when he first started planting things and he didn't have any. We would love to see how little that huge tree was! It must have been hard for your parents to move and leave so many memories - they are welcome here any time....they are such nice people! We hope to be their fruit providers! katrina

Anonymous said...

It looks like you have a gem of a property. If the land behind you is in fact, the equivalent of BLM land, it may be the Reserva Forestal SusĂșa, which is near Sabana Grande. Regardless, it is nice to back up to government land. Fran