Sunday, May 25, 2008

Over 3 Hours Underwater Yesterday and 85 Minutes Today

Wow, conditions have been nice for diving the last couple of weeks. Last weekend we tried to go from the Rincon wall South to the North wall. We didn't make it even after 81 minutes of swimming over a kilometer under water. Then on Tuesday and Wednesday we dove the caves and caught some tasty lobster. The water has been flat and the vis has been over 70 feet. Yesterday we did it, diving from the Rincon wall South to North in one dive. 100 minutes under water swimming over a mile. We even needed to do a little deco on the swim in. It was a great dive. If all that swimming wasn't enough we drove over to the caves and dove there for another 80 minutes. We thought yesterday was flat. Today was even nicer. It was so nice we didn't have to swim through the caves to get to the outer reef. We just swam over the top of the reef then began our dive. Saving some 10 minutes of swimming under water just to get to the nice part of the reef. Its really tempting to go to the caves tomorrow because the water is supposed to be the same as today but then the waves get bigger for the rest of the week. I think we are sufficiently waterlogged at this point though.

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