Thursday, May 15, 2008

Toads Toads Toads - Real and No es Real

Our first toad siting was of this one sitting in the Bromelid at night. I looked every night for him and there he was like a little prince sitting in his perch. I was hoping he was one of the endangered ones but nope - not of the crested variety (but he's cool anyway).

Speaking of cool - this one appeared in the fountain at night a couple nights ago. The fountain is kind of high off the ground so we aren't sure how he hopped in there, but he's shown up a few of our hotter nights.

When we went to build our little wall we pulled back the tarp and saw not one, but two toads in the sand pile. One was hunkered down in a pit he built while the other was in the hole of the cinder block sand corral. I thought it was stuck so I lifted the cinder block but it hopped right back in.

Here they are "exposed" for the toads they are. When Jeff carried them to a better spot one of them let out with this stream of toad-pee or toad-goo, not sure what it was but it got him on the shorts and hands and was a powerful stream of whatever-it-was.

This toad, no es real. We picked up two of these at kmart when they were 30% off. I'm not the garden whimsy type gal except for bird baths, benches, wind chimes, solar lights, decorative water dishes (for the geckos and chickens) etc (oops - maybe I am one of those). Anyway, they are going on top of the gate posts when the wall is done. We are thinking of dismantling some solar lights and putting the leds inside the toad head and tuck the panel behind it so the eyes glow at night! Kind of a cool idea but we don't know if we want to draw attention to the house in that way - just be able to tell UPS and Fed Ex we are in the toad house instead of the house next to the house with the recliner on the road (the garbage FINALLY took it away) on another one of the off garbage days. Just when is garbage pickup? Whenever they come - we thought it was weds for awhile, then thurs, but it was monday this week. Oops. So that's why all the cans are always out... and looking trashy.... we'll post the toads when they start guard duty...

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Anonymous said...

Jeff & Katrina,

You know they say that the presence of healthy frogs (and toads) is a sign of a healthy eco-system or environment. Judging by the pictures your toads look quite happy and healthy to me.

Enjoy the hot summer days hopefully beckoning already upon you!

H Jr.