Monday, May 26, 2008


Last time I checked all the kitties were pig-piled on the plastic chair. Then I hear this really obnoxious noise and I see little Holstein (who we now call "princess") putting her paw onto something and then pulling it up and shaking it. This of course brings in the others who act more like Meercats than feral cat cats and the commotion begins! They are pawing and biting and circling around this well...bug.

So here it is on the cement. It was moving its head mechanically up and down in a Farscape "replicator" way (if you've seen that episode). The noise was awful, kind of a wind-up toy and vibrating type noise you really just have to hear. Kind of scary.

So I got it climb onto a stick with some difficulty. Flicking it didn't work because it was very strong and wouldn't flick. Once it crawled on I moved it to the grass thinking the cats would leave it alone but no...they still swarmed it.

I took my chances and kneeled down in the grass for double indemnity (ants - which always find me- and incisors). I had the lens a few inches away but still it was scary! I don't know what it eats but look at the scissors its got!

Closer still they appear to be bypass pruners - maybe we'll call this the "Bypass Bug" for short and avoid it at all costs.