Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mas Lluvia and SCUBA Diving

It's been raining in the afternoon a lot every day. The rivers are brown, brown, brown. When looking out at the ocean you can see where the river water empties into the ocean. There is a sharp line of nice clean blue water and dirty brown river water. This can effect our diving. Visibility can go from 100' to almost nothing in a single dive. I wouldn't have thought it could change that quickly but during today's dive the vis went from 60' to 10'. Today we dove El Natural again. We saw the brown line as we were driving to the dive site but it was off shore of where we were diving. We thought we lucked out and the brown water wasn't going to effect us. We started the dive (our 22nd in PR) and we had great vis. We saw all kinds of fish and a few turtles. We turned the dive around at the 45 minute mark. We had great vis for another 20 minutes. Then everything turned dark. We tried to go a little deeper to find clear water but that didn't work. We headed back in to shore and ended the dive after a total of 80 minutes. We looked back out at the water and could clearly see that the brown water has moved over our dive site. A big bummer for the other divers that were just going in. We dove a new (new to us) dive site on Wednesday. It's just south of the Rincon wall that we also dove last Sunday. Katrina and David like this site a lot. I also liked it but I like the Rincon wall more. The two sites are so close together we plan on going in at the Rincon wall and just swimming south and hopefully get out of the water at the new site. Should be fun. Before that we dove the Rincon Wall with 75 feet of visibility and had a 100 feet of vis at Natural. We like the wall because there is big depth and neat geology and lots of bushy stuff. Natural is pretty reliable offering the best assortment of fish and the caverny undercuts that turtles and cool fish hang out in.

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