Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Saturdays Dive

I took Mildred out for a spin on Saturday and dove from Three Tree North to Three Tree South. Bob and I dove while Katrina practiced Spanish on the beach. We went in at max flood and dropped down to 80'. With help from the current we were flying until we hit the point. At the point the current went from paralleling the beach to pushing us straight down the slope! This would not have been a good place for the scooters to break! We had to point the scooters right into the current so we would not get pushed down to deep. We made it across the point and the current lightened up and paralleled the beach again. We scootered for about 35 minutes before Mildred started to tire. Three tree South didn't have to much to see but there were a lot of jellyfish we had to avoid. Vis was 20+ feet. It was a fun dive and Rob met up with us afterwards for dinner. Thanks Rob for letting me ride Mildred.

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