Monday, August 20, 2007

Fun Ride at Day Island Wall

Yesterday we let Bob figure out the timing for diving Day Island. Rob and I figured that even if the timing was way off it didn't mater because we had Mildred and Bertha to tow us around and Bob has The Ex. Just as we hit the wall we saw some other divers who were finishing their dive. The current was still slack at this time. We zipped down to the bottom of the wall. Rob was doing a lot of barrel rolls and having a lot of fun.
Only 10 minutes after passing the other divers someone turned on the hose! The current was wild and flowing in all directions. At times the scooters couldn't make any headway into the current. Then it would change direction and we would be flying with the current. Very fun. We made it to the top of the deep wall at 120' and explored that for a while. To bad Mildred and Bertha aren't rated to go any deeper. We were also on Nitrox so we couldn't go any deeper anyways. We saw a couple large Dogfish Sharks and chased them around for a minute.As Bob was nearing Deco (he was on air) we turned around and rode the wild  current back to the top of the main wall. We saw a lot of wolf eel and even got one to come out of his den to eat a rock crab. Vis was around 25'. Lots of fun!

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