Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cat Fight

Our cat Dakota aka "Little Boy" had an evening tussle with the two fisted "Orange Kitty" last Friday night. For a couple weeks now, since our dog Wally died, Little Boy has stayed kind of close and has enjoyed playing with the laser pointer while I scan slides each evening. Little did I know he viewed the laser light sessions as "training" to help coordinate his punches and lunges. After a day inside he stuck around while we enjoyed Salmon but took off shortly after wards - unfed. Usually I feed him when he is in for the night. I hunted around the neighborhood like a hobo jiggling a cup of food and banging on a cat food can all to no avail. We went to bed. A short hour later Jeff popped out of bed thinking a coyote was eating Dakota, but instead found him with blood running down his face cowering behind the sand pile that apparently was doubling as the makeshift boxing ring. Jeff called to him and ran up expecting him to dart away like usual. Nope. He definitely lost that round and without Jeff as his personal trainer would have been down with the count. As a side note he went to the vet and then cowered under the bed for a couple days with no interest in going outside. He now is feeling a little better and wants to escape for payback. This is the cat I stole from the neighbors 9 years ago...sneak neutered...the cat who ate a hole in the screen and climbed out the window for payback after the last tussle - the paw puncture. This time his luck has run out and the next outdoor air he breathes will be in Puerto Rico. I wonder what trouble he'll get into there? (falling avocados, resting in fire ant nests, Red Jungle Fowl chasing and pecking at him) Stay tuned. More rounds are sure to follow!

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